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All our kindergartens are users of the FunGates education system, an innovative programme that strongly believes that learning must be fun and meaningful for children. All our class teachers and subject teachers undergo the comprehensive FunGates training annually.

FunGates firmly believes in the benefits of training and hence, annual training seminars are conducted for teachers that are using her education system. Since 1994, teachers’s training is the heartbeat of the FunGates system. Preschool operators and teachers who come from Malaysia and overseas congregate to attend FunGates annual Enrichment week and Eduweek training seminars.

Participants leave with the vision for making the difference in a child’s life. The seminar are intensive and participants undergo at least 40 hours of training complete with hands-on workshops. FunGates’ teachers return annually to upgrade their knowledge. This is a standard that is required by the FunGates system. The teachers not only teach but are trained to enhance the strengths of each child.

All our schools receive coordinated instruction in planning and running its syllabus and it is compulsory for all FunGates teachers to undergo a power-packed training under Ms Clarine Chun herself. The FunGates Schools are well supported by a cohesive and robust System operated by very passionate operators and teachers. It is with this winning combination that makes our schools renowned and sought-after.