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FunGates Schools

The FunGates System has been adopted by many pre-school operators all over Malaysia. A FunGates School is a fun-filled place, equipped with exclusive FunGates and imported apparatus. Our schools are well supported by a cohesive and robust programme operated by very passionate principals and loving and caring teachers. It is with this winning combination that makes our schools so distinguishly sought-after.

Key Features of a FunGates schools

    • Specialised 3-year old programme
    • Strong Foundations in: Numbers, English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese
    • Empowering Centres: Innovation Centre, Science Centre, Computer Centre, Domestic Centre, Library and etc
    • Magical World of Art and Craft
    • Movement
    • Character Building Programme
    • Full-Day Programme
    • State-of-the-arts apparatus eg: SMART Board (interactive multimedia whiteboard), flash cards and etc

Power Fun-filled Chinese School

Learning Chinese under the Chinese FunGates system is fun! Chinese FunGates System is a very comprehensive programme that uses a multi-sensorial approach to learning, a child becomes more receptive and excited to master the concepts of the Chinese Language. Here are some of the things we teach for Chinese to empower your child to outshine.
    • Writing, Reading, and Strokes
    • Character Recognition
    • Sentence Building
    • Thematic Teaching with Rhymes, Riddles, Brainteasers, and Tongue Twisters.
    • Han Yu Pin Yin
    • Opposites and Prepositions
    • Chinese Idioms, Proverbs and Tang Dynasty Poems
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