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All our kindergartens are users of the FunGates education system, an innovative programme that strongly believes that learning must be fun and meaningful for children. The FunGates System has also been adopted by many pre-school operators all over Malaysia. A FunGates School is a fun-filled place, equipped with exclusive FunGates and imported apparatus. Our schools are well supported by a cohesive and robust programme operated by very passionate principals and loving and caring teachers. It is with this winning combination that makes our schools so sought-after.

Key Features of a FunGates schools

    • Strong Foundations in: Mathematics, English, Bahasa Melayu, Chinese
    • Empowering Centres: Innovation Centre, Science Centre, Computer Centre, Domestic Centre, Library and etc
    • Magical World of Art and Craft
    • Movement & Games
    • Character Building Programme
    • Full-Day Programme
    • State-of-the-arts apparatus eg: SMART Board (interactive multimedia whiteboard), engaging visuals, specialized & individualized apparatus etc

Power Fun-filled Chinese School

Learning Chinese under the Chinese FunGates system is fun! Chinese FunGates System is a very comprehensive programme that uses a multi-sensorial approach to learning, a child becomes more receptive and excited to master the concepts of the Chinese Language. Here are some of the things we teach for Chinese to empower your child to outshine.
    • Writing, Reading, and Strokes
    • Character Recognition
    • Sentence Building
    • Thematic Teaching with Rhymes, Riddles, Brainteasers, and Tongue Twisters.
    • Han Yu Pin Yin
    • Opposites and Prepositions
    • Chinese Idioms, Proverbs and Tang Dynasty Poems
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