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Tadika Sarjana Comel

Tadika Sarjana Comel

Tadika Sarjana Comel (小状元幼儿园) Chinese & English Medium Kindergarten @ USJ 21, Subang Jaya

We pride ourselves as the #1 Chinese & English Medium Kindergarten using the highly effective FunGates system and with a balanced emphasis on the Chinese and English language.Parents have the option of choosing the Chinese or English Medium programme for their child at Tadika Sarjana Comel (小状元幼儿园).

Tadika Sarjana Comel (小状元幼儿园) is about nurturing multilingual children. In preparing children to meet the challenges of the 21st Century, we strongly believe that it is vital to give them the best of both Chinese and English. At the same time, we aim to well-prepare children for the Chinese primary school (especially those from English or bilingual homes).


The sensitive period for language occurs from birth to about age six. It is at this time that children learn languages effortlessly. At Tadika Sarjana Comel (小状元幼儿园) Chinese & English Medium Kindergarten, we believe in imparting strong language skills in Chinese and English during this sensitive period.

Tadika Sarjana Comel (小状元幼儿园) advocates Additive Bilingualism: L1 + L2 = L1 + L2 Read More

Why are we the #1 Chinese Medium Kindergarten?

    • We are dedicated to nurturing multilingual children and preparing them for Chinese primary school!
    • A fun approach to get children to fall in love with the Chinese language, instead of forceful drilling and repetitive practice.
    • A learning environment with balanced emphasis on the Chinese and English language.
    • Successful implementation of the effective FunGates Chinese system and the proven FunGates English Phonics system.
    • Innovative learning through interactive SMART board, multimedia, colourful visual and specialized books.
    • A child-friendly and spacious learning centre – Approximately 10,000 sq ft!
    • Fully – equipped Science, Domestic Science, Computer Lab, Music Room, Playground, Library and Innovation Centre.
    • State-of-the-arts apparatus eg: SMART Board (interactive multimedia whiteboard), flash cards and etc

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Pre School

Tadika Sarjana Comel

Programs offered:

English & Chinese Medium Pre-Kindergarten [read more]
4 years old: 8.15am – 12.00noon

English & Chinese Medium Kindergarten [read more]
5 & 6 years old: 8.15am – 12.15pm

After School Programme [read more]
4 – 6 years old: 12.00noon – 3.00pm

Daycare [read more]
4 – 6 years old: 3.00pm – 6.00pm

*Daycare children must be picked up latest by 7.00pm