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The Seed Music Centre @ USJ21

The Seed Music Centre seeks to awaken the musicianship in every child. “The Seed” captures the essence of our belief to sow & share the gift of music to young lives and see them grow to become great musicians, not merely excelling in playing musical instruments but also enjoying the sheer pleasure of music making.

Our vision at The Seed Music Centre is for these tiny seeds to flourish into mighty trees; nurturing your child’s growth & development through the gift of music.

Using the Musikgarten (a leading music early childhood education) syllabus, we give children a wonderful foundation for a long term musical pathway. Classes are not just about having fun as the activities are specially designed to increase children’s curiosity about music, to develop their listening skills & a sense of beat, exploring musical instruments, creative movement & storytelling, all of which lay a strong foundation for future music making.

As educationists as well as parents, our teachers are passionate in providing an environment which encourages musical interaction, guiding parents & children as they engage in musical activities that will inspire the child to fulfil his/her music potential.

Our Teachers

Ashley Ang
Certified Musikgarten Trainer (KB1),
Certified Licensed Musikgarten Teacher

AshleyAshley has been teaching Musikgarten for the last 6 years and has recently been appointed as a trainer by Musikgarten Asia for the teacher training workshops. Prior to her involvement in Musikgarten, she was a piano teacher for more than 8 years. Being a mother of three children, Ashley is both an educationist and a passionate music teacher. She enjoys spending time with children and revels in any opportunity to nurture music as part of a child’s holistic development. She is also actively involved with children ministry in church, and co-coaching in the children worship and music band. She believes that “every child is musical” and ought to enjoy music the way God intended it to be.

Yvonne Chew
Certified Licensed Musikgarten Teacher

YvonneA mother to two children, Yvonne is constantly captivated by children’s appealing sense of awe & wonderment of things around them. While looking for creative ways to integrate music to compliment young children’s development, she discovered Musikgarten. Holding true to its philosophy that all children are musical, she is excited to work with children and their parents to build a wonderful foundation for life long music making. Yvonne plays the keyboard in a church band and enjoys working with children. She counts it a privilege to be able to share the gift of music with young lives.

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The Seed Music Centre

Programs offered:

Musikgarten – Family Music for Babies [read more]
(newborn to 18 months old)

Musikgarten – Family Music for Toddlers [read more]
(18 months to 3 years old)

Musikgarten – Cycle of Seasons [read more]
(4 to 6 years old)

Musikgarten – Music Makers at the Keyboard [read more]
(6 to 9 years old)

Musikgarten Adults

Piano Lessons