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About Us

About Us

We are a group of education centres that are dedicated and passionate about educating our next generation. Children are our passion! All our kindergartens adopt the FunGates education system, an innovative program that strongly believes that learning must be fun and meaningful for children. A child’s most critical and formative first six years of year must be filled with memories of enjoyable, challenging and fun learning experiences. Learning is a lifelong journey, so start your child’s learning journey here at TSC!

Our Vision

Our vision is to nurture in every little child a love for lifelong learning and to build in every little child a firm foundation for lifelong learning.

We believe that…

    • Every little hands can be trained
    • Every little mind can be developed
    • Every little heart can love and be loved


The Fungates System

All our kindergartens are users of the FunGates education system, an innovative program that strongly believes that learning must be fun and meaningful for children. The Fungates system challenges its users to shift into a new paradigm of innovative learning:

    • Positive reinforcement approach
    • Happy and cheery atmosphere to promote positive feelings
    • Strong bond between teachers and students
    • Child-centered but adult-guided
    • Structured system yet fun and enjoyable
    • Focuses on multiple needs, interests and talents
    • Many hands-on experience opportunities
    • Thematic teaching to activate and promote thinking, personal and social skills
    • Tremendous apparatus for every child and teacher

Open Classroom Concept

Ninety percent of today’s children are mosaic thinkers. Just what is a mosaic thinker? A mosaic thinker is one who is able to handle multiple inputs at any one time. They are also able to handle many tasks simultaneously and do them well. Conversely, most of us from the older generation are linear thinkers in that we are taught to think and do one thing at a time.

What has contributed to children being mosaic? Learn More

Community Work

TSC is not just about children. The tremendous impact TSC has on children is translated into good works in the community through Fungates Superflow Foundation, an outreach arm of Fungates. Every month, TSC contributes a part of its school fees to the foundation. Isn’t it heartening to know that TSC children and their parents are a part in touching the lives of the less fortunate in our community?
Fungates Superflow Foundation now has under its wings, kidney dialysis centres, feed-the-poor programmes, and homes for neglected children, training centres for special children, recreation centre for old folks etc. More information at www.fungatessuperflowfoundation.org.