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What has contributed to children being mosaic?

Technology is the major factor that has created the mosaic child. The generation of today is a “one-touch button” generation. Children have inherent multitasking skills and this has subconciously conditioned their minds to think likewise. In the past, even a simple taks like talking on the telephone would be confined to the length of the cord. Today, we can be wakling around the house doing whatever we want or driving our car and yet be able to carry on a conversation on the phone. With the introduction of the internet, our children can travel around the world without leaving their chairs! It is no wonder that children are becoming more mosaic as technology advances. The answer to reaping the best in the mosaic child is the open classroom concept.

Information provided by: Tadika Sarjana Comel(小状元幼儿园) & USJ Funstation


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