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Tadika Sarjana Comel(小状元幼儿园) advocates Additive Bilingualism: L1 + L2 = L1 + L2

Additive Billingualism ?

Additive bilingualism:
L1 + L2 = L1 + L2
The second language is added to the person’s repertoire and the two languages are maintained.

Subtractive Billingualism ?

Subtractive bilingualism:
L1 + L2 – L2 = L1
The idea that children who speak another language abandon their first language and speak only the dominant language.

Tadika Sarjana Comel (小状元幼儿园) advocates Additive Bilingualism: L1 + L2 = L1 + L2

    • The powerful combination between the well-established FunGates phonics reading system and the enriching extras for Chinese FunGates schools is highly effective in nurturing bilinguals
    • All subject content is the same as other FunGates schools i.e. USJ Funstation, but the medium of instruction defers to promote bilingualism
    • All class teachers are bilinguals. Class teachers specialized in teaching Chinese, while subject teachers specialized in teaching English and Bahasa Malaysia
    • Math and Art & Craft are taught in Chinese, in preparation for Chinese primary school
    • Computer and Science lessons remain in English, to retain the use of English
    • There is allocation of Music & Dance, Movement & Games, Powerfun Time, Thematic/ Conversational time in both Chinese and English
    • To promote bilingualism by giving children adequate conversational space, every Monday is declared as BM day and every Friday is English day. The remaining days are Chinese Days

The Extras for Chinese FunGates schools empowers your child to outshine through:

    • Chinese Reading, Writing and Strokes
    • Chinese Character Recognition
    • Sentence Building
    • Thematic Teaching with Rhymes, Riddles, Brainteaser and Tongue Twisters
    • Hanyu Pinyin
    • Opposites and Prepositions
    • Chinese Idioms and Proverbs
    • Tang Dynasty Poems

Clearing some misconceptions…

Tadika Sarjana Comel 小状元 is about nurturing multilingual children for the 21st century. There’s still such emphasis on English (the highly effective Fungates Phonics System, Computer and Science Lessons remain in English and allocation of Music & Dance / Movement & Game / Thematic lessons in English). We also declare 1 special day every week (Friday) as English day. TO BE EFFECTIVELY BILINGUAL AT A YOUNG AGE IS OUR PRIMARY OUTCOME.


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